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Raw, slightly scripted, loosely edited, warts and all. That’s the way your host, Ricardo Luis CaƱez wanted to present the program. To be “REAL”. To have a casual conversation between he and his guests and have the energy feed the discussion.

“Thanks For Sitting In will present topics and insight from a different perspective. To present guests who have inspiring and beneficial stories to share. To motivate, educate and occasionally rant about the music scene and issues pertaining to musicians of all skill levels and experience. To give you value! There’s also a “Rapid Fire” segment where Ricardo suggests words or phrases and our guests will say whatever comes into their head first. Incredibly insightful and always entertaining.

Showtime is every Tuesday and Friday, 6:00 PM, (MST). You can also catch us on ITunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Be sure to subscribe to keep updated on the podcast schedule. We hope you’ll sit in and enjoy the conversation.

Ricardo is the Founder / CEO of Fermata Media Group LLC, a digital marketing and educational agency for musicians and creatives.



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