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Episode 50: Kate Marquez and

Kate Marquez has been the Executive Director for over 14 years of The Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance (SAACA) is a Tucson, Arizona based nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation, preservation and advancement of the Arts. They promote a variety of cultural, culinary, arts and music events throughout the year encouraging artist and community collaborations.

Episode 49- LaRayia Gaston and Lunch On Me

We met LaRayia at the Powerful U conference in Los Angeles. And were inspired by her passion to provide healthy food, wellness and compassion to the homeless in Los Angels and now in New York. She is the Founder of ‘Lunch On Me’ and leads a team of five women. There are so many inspiring moments in this conversation. It was a privilege to sit down with LaRayia and have her share her story.

Episode 48: Where Have We Been?

An Explanation:A short episode as Ricardo talks about where the podcast has been the last few months and what led to the absence.We hope you continue listening.P.S.: Never take your family or friends for granted. You never know what can happen that can drastically change your lives.#FamilyFirst

Episode 47 – Susie Garcia

Suzanne Garcia is better known as “Susie” to all her fans, friends, and family, and if you are not laughing, crying, smiling, or dancing when she is onstage, then she thinks that she hasn’t done her job. With a keen ear for music, she began playing violin as a child. With the encouragement of her parents (both avid Mariachi fans and music aficionados), Susie was introduced to a genre of music rooted in tradition and cultural pride.

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Ricardo Luis Cañez is the host of Thanks For Sitting In. Ricardo’s goal is to present musicians who have great music and an inspiring story to share. We also invite guests who are experts in business, lifestyle, education, culture and more. The goal to entertain listeners and inform the music community of issues important to them.

The program is raw, loosely edited and somewhat scripted. We let the conversation flow freely. Our ‘Rapid Fire’ segment always brings out some interesting and entertaining answers. New episodes can be heard here every Tuesday at 6:00PM (MST).

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Ricardo is the founder of Fermata Media Group LLC and the Facilitator for The Leadership & Legacy Program for musicians.



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