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Ricardo - Hello There Ladies and Gentlemen!

Ricardo is the Founder / CEO of Fermata Media Group. A non-traditional digital marketing and Human To Human (H2H) relationship agency dedicated to supporting and educating musicians and creatives into achieving their career and life intentions. Ricardo has spent more than 37 years somehow involved in music and entertainment. He created this podcast to present another outlet of value to both aspiring and seasoned artists. The goal is to present guests within and outside of the music and performing arts industries and give a fresh perspective to issues of concern. Occasionally, (more often than not…), Ricardo will go on a rant about something that he feels the audience needs to hear. Common sense. Again, from a different perspective. Give the podcast two or three episodes before you decide if you like it or not. Each episode will feature different topics. each with a different vibe. But all offering value. We hope you enjoy the episodes.

Respect Yourself, Respect Your Gift, Respect your Talent, Respect Your Audience, Respect Your Failures, Respect Your Successes, Respect Your Journey. Repeat.” – Ricardo


Ricardo introduces the shows philosophy and what to expect in future episodes.

  • Happy Birthday Carlos!
  • Why Another Podcast?
  • Changes in the Industry
  • Who Is this Guy?? (mini rant)
Bio -Nutritionist Kariman Pierce

Kariman Pierce is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner graduating with a Certification in Functional Nutritional Therapy from the Nutritional Therapy Association in Olympia, Washington.  She has acquired further certifications with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride as a Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Practitioner and with Dr. Tom O’Bryan as a Certified Gluten Practitioner. Kariman has worked as a nutritionist teaching and coaching at several holistic centers in Tucson. She has seen the power of good nutrition, put her own autoimmune issues into remission,and is passionate about supporting others on their individual journeys to better health and quality of life.

As hectic and sometimes as disorganized as one-nighters or extended tours may be, you just can never find the time or the right fuel to give you the energy to perform your best. Backstage food leaves a lot to be desired and a soggy burger or a stack of pancakes just ain’t cutting it. You need to create a lifestyle, a habit of eating healthy food and stick to it. It’s easier than it sounds, really. Today’s guest, Kariman will give you the lowdown on how to take care of yourself and your band mates. For those creatives that work at home or in your studios, having a kitchen and setting a schedule make planning meals easy and affordable.

Every structure and function of YOUR body runs on what YOU put in your mouth.  Feed yourself with high vitality, nutrient dense foods and EVERYDAY will be your best day ever.” – Kariman Pierce, N.T.P.


Overall, we focused on how musicians and creatives can benefit from eating the right food to fuel their bodies. Being a musician is hard physically and emotionally. Making nutrition a priority will make you a better performer and artist.

  • What are Gluten and Celiac Disease and what are the symptoms and cures?
  • Tips for proper Nutrition (Balance and Commitment)
  • The 80/20 Rule
  • The Four Elements of Nutrition
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Movement
  • Stress Management
  • Rapid Fire
  • Body Image
  • Diet Or Lifestyle
  • Fast Food
  • Gratitude
Bio -Renee Bailey and the Importance of Education

Renee Bailey is an educator and an author of the book – “18 Things College Students Need To Know”. Her passion is to help students prepare for the college life and beyond. Her program “Know Better Do Better Education” showing students and their parents what to expect and what sources are available to make their transition easier and more productive. Renee will be taking this essential program across the country with live presentations. She also has an online course that students can take on her website  In her spare time she plays guitar, spoils her cats and listens to Maroon 5. Constantly…

IF YOU KNOW BETTER, YOU DO BETTER! If there is one thing we preach constantly on our program is the need for some form of higher education. You may be street smart, but you still need some form of proper education to progress and inspire as you follow your career path. Renee has created a wonderful program that helps incoming students and their parents achieve their goals. Know Better, Do Better Education gives students the tools they need to get the most out of their college education and beyond.

  • How to prepare for the College life
  • Community support
  • Speaking engagements
  • How her passion for education and her program began
  • Knowledge outside of school
  • Current lyricists Renee enjoys
  • “Bro Country”, Katy Perry and Maroon 5
  • The dangers of social media
  • “Educate yourself, elevate yourself”
Bio -Pike Romero & Jocelyn Valencia of The Tucson Hip Hop Festival
Although Tucson Arizona doesn’t come to mind when you think Hip Hop, it does have a thriving Hip Hop community. Pike & Jocelyn have joined to create a festival and we discuss it’s future, the local culture and the artists community.

Pike Romero and Jocelyn Valencia are two very busy creative entrepreneurs who care deeply about their community and the artists in it. The music scene in Tucson is diverse and Hip Hop continues to grow as the community of artists develop and perfect their craft. The Tucson Hip Hop Festival, now in it’s second year, showcases the culture and the talent locally and regionally. Pike also manages, promotes artists and produces events, while Jocelyn is active throughout the creative community with seminars, poetry and blogging meet ups and much more.

  • Staying busy in the community
  • Artists Pike likes
  • The Hip Hop program at University of Arizona
  • History of The The Tucson Hip Hop Festival
  • Headliner- MURS
  • How Hip Hop artists are the ultimate Entreprenuers
  • The Next Big Thing
  • Pushing Buttons
  • “Rapid Fire”
  • Discussion of all their other projects
  • “Cardboard”….
Bio -Career Coach Kelly Melstead - Communication With Passion

Kelly Melsted is a Certified Career and Communications Coach. She shows people how to confidently be unabashedly themselves, amidst a world hiding behind Digital smoke screens and small talk! The skills she teaches will help to engage clients, save relationships and build careers. With pride, she can say that her clients describing their life changing results often credit her as being one of the biggest stands in their life,having “undying commitment” and being “One of the best choices” they’ve made. If you’re ready to take the next step in your goals, confidently communicate and unabashedly show up as YOU, the let’s do this!

COMMUNICATION It’s how we build relationships, make life changing decisions, set our goals and basically live our lives daily with the rest of the human race. We live in an Age of Distractions, but only if we let those distractions control our life. How to communicate and how you manage your time is essential to living the life you want.

  • Communication. What a concept!
  • Communication
  • The Process
  • Does Self Doubt Really Matter
  • Commitment and Clarity
  • Time Management (see Kelly’s Download)
  • Audit Your Day
  • “You Deserve To Be Happy”
  • Distractions Kill Creativity
  • Having A Conversation
  • Build Your “Why”
  • Rapid Fire:
  • Confidence
  • Real
  • Future
Bio - Angelina Greer - Branding and Marketing

Branding and Marketing. Both essential to your career success. Both somewhat misunderstood. What does each one do? Branding is your Identity. Marketing is how you get attention. In this informative episode, Angelina Greer covers it all. From how to establish your brand, to the importance of social media engagement, contracts, targeting your audience and much more. We also discuss how introverts are the true creatives and will conquer the world…

Her husband, Mike, says: “The lovely Angelina Greer, is the owner of NThreeQ Media, currently in the 10th year of business. An avid kick boxer, step-mom of 3 girls and German Shepard lover (her dog Bella).” In whatever spare time she has, Angelina practices her cello. Discover more about Angelina’s talents on her website

  • What’s the difference between branding and marketing?
  • Establishing yourself online
  • Website essentials
  • Contracts and agreements? Absolutely!
  • Knowing and Targeting your audience
  • Rapid Fire
  • Facebook
  • Print Ads
  • “You never know what’s going on with someone.”
  • The meaning behind “NThreeQ”
  • Disruptive Advertising
  • Introverts are creative and will take over the world!
Bio - Career Coach Kelly Melstead - Opportunities

Career and Business Coach Kelly Melsted returns from her eclipse experience to discuss once in a lifetime opportunities and why you have to put both feet in the water to inspire yourself and those around you. The conversation also turned to forming a Board of Directors for your life, the measure of success and why journals are a great thing.

Kelly shows people how to be confident & unabashedly themselves. People come to Kelly when they are feeling stuck and craving more fulfillment. Their unbalanced work life is sucking the joy out of them. They’re craving to communicate with more confidence and ease. And, they really just want to say what they really want to say. She helps them get exactly what they want, which is to find clarity and confidence to be themselves, amidst a world hiding behind digital smoke screens & small talk.  The skills Kelly teaches help to engage clients, save relationships, and build careers. It’s all about being brave and getting real. With pride she can say that clients describing their life changing results often credit Kelly as being one of the biggest stands in their life, having “undying commitment”, and being “one of the best choices” they’ve made!

  • The Eclipse and The Live Experience
  • Once In A Lifetime Opportunities
  • The Audience Experience
  • Put Both Feet In The Water
  • A Board of Directors For Your Life
  • Sharing
  • Your Measure of Success
  • Rapid Fire – “Present”
  • Let’s Talk Politics!
  • Journals