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Bio - Pop Sensation - Miss Krystle

There is more to Miss Krystle than her flaming red hair. Miss Krystle is a modern day superhero. Entertainment attorney by day, incredible musician by night. Miss Krystle has been writing and releasing music since she was 15 and is her number one passion. She has found incredible success on Beatport, Soundcloud, Pandora and YouTube as well as working with Grammy winning producers. She is a musician, entrepreneur, humanitarian and a vegan. She is a “Woman In Motion.”

Displaying a smart business mind, incredible vocal, songwriting and production talent and a humanitarian side, Miss Krystle is ready to conquer the pop music world. The Phoenix based entertainer has been performing since she was 15 and shows no signs of stopping. You will learn quite a bit by listening to Miss Krystle’s interview.

  • The inspiration for “Inevitable”
  • Miss Krystle’s Songwriting Technique
  • Video Production
  • Investing In Music
  • The Dawn Of A Pop Star
  • The Britney Spears Marilyn Manson Marriage
  • Being A Female In A Male Industry
  • Music Streaming
  • Who Would You Like To Collaborate With?
  • Favorite Song / Video Out Now – (Taylor Swift)
  • Miss Krystle’s Favorite Song / Video
  • Young Ones United
Bio - Jenn Kaye - Language and Words

What are words for? To communicate. To create a language of your own. Jenn Kaye is a word geek, cultural anthropologist, ego-wrangler, benevolent challenger and never-ending seeker of what moves people to action. Words have meaning, a frequency and elicit emotion. This conversation was joyful and entertaining. We discuss how music and dance are languages all of their own and how the interpretation of those languages elicits different responses.

Jenn Kaye is a transformational thought leader specializing in strategic communication and a never-ending seeker of what moves people to action. She is a Master Communicator, Language Expert, Executive Life Coach and Professional Speaker whose ability to identify, analyze and convey what is essential helps leaders and teams get better results – from sales to service and engagement to influence. Her systemized approach to solving the Rubik’s cube that is human communication has evolved over her 20 years of experience and is fused intentionally into every workshop and program, starting from the inside-out. Recognizing that puzzle pieces are synergistic yet independent, she helps her clients identify their authentic voice and customize their message so that they use the right language, to say what they really mean to the right people for optimum impact.


We covered quite a bit, including a cameo appearance from one of Jenn’s cats (around the 3:40 mark). This was a lively and entertaining conversation that we both didn’t want to end. But, errrrrr, AND, Jenn will be back soon.

  • The Language of Music
  • Vicious Cat Attack!!!
  • Therapy thru Music
  • Communicating thru Dance
  • Exposure – Publicity – Sharing
  • How to Leverage “Exposure”
  • Rapid Fire
  • Jenn’s favorite word(s) – Love. And.
  • Jenn’s least favorite words – But. However
  • The “Ran Kan Kan” Story. A story of determination
Bio - Jenn Kaye - Dealing With Rejection

Communications coach Jenn Kaye returns to our show and gives valuable insight into what steps to take to have a successful career and have fun doing it. This episode is one that all musicians need to listen to. REJECTION IS NOT FATAL We all face it at one time or another. Musicians and creatives especially deal with it on a consistent basis. Being aligned and confident are the keys to dealing with any form of negativity as you move forward with your music career. Jenn discusses how “Alignment” is so important to your success and well being and how evaluating your performances give you leverage within the industry.


(Note: Thanks to the landscape team at Jenn’s complex for the ambience during the first part of the interview…)

  • Clarity In Communication
  • Courage Requires Risk
  • Convince Yourself First (Defining Your Why)
  • Why Musicians and Creatives Are Better At Collaboration
  • Lessons In Being Rejected
  • Haters and Critics
  • Love and Fear
  • Alignment of Self, Expression and What Are You Willing To Risk
  • Creating Daily Rituals
  • Take Out The Trash
  • Those Outside the Inner Circle
  • Evaluating Your Performance
Bio - Jenn Kaye - Handling Acceptance

Jenn Kaye is a lover of language. Utilizing the right words can help you communicate your message with clarity and impact. Jenn coaches corporations, entrepreneurs and creatives to be their best.This conversation is the second part of the two part series exploring dealing with rejection and acceptance as a musician or artist. We feel this is the most important episodes we’ve released so far.Many musicians may not consider the impact rejection has on you physically and emotionally. How it affects everything you do creatively and in your lifestyle. Even as you continue with your musical journey, you’ll still encounter rejection. How to deal with it is what we discuss in Part One. Now that you’ve achieved a level of success, how will you handle the acceptance and publicity that comes with it? Will you handle it with graciousness? Will you have the right publicists around you to handle the negativity and possible rejection that may continue throughout your career?

  • Acknowledge Your Own Value
  • Putting The Puzzle Together
  • The “Shinny Object”
  • Be Real Or Let Yourself Down (Be In Alignment)
  • “We Are All Creators”
  • A New Level of Experience
  • Align with The Audience
  • Christina Aguilera Takes the Risk and Gets Dirrty!
  • The Age of Disruption
  • Creatives and Entrepreneurs Have An Edge
  • Your True North, Alignment Of Self
  • Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Beyonce & Oprah Handle Success Graciously
  • Find The Right Publicist Who Has Your Back
  • Want To Be Powerful? Pay It Forward and Support Young Musicians!
  • Walt Disney Lacked Imagination? Wait! What??
  • Create A Community Of Riff Raff
Bio - Vituroso Cellist Tina Guo

Tina Guo is a name you may not instantly recognize, but you certainly have heard her music. She is a virtuoso acoustic / electric cellist who has been featured in a multitude of soundtracks like Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Inception, Pirates Of The Carribean 5, Kung Fu Panda 3, Superman Vs. Batman and many more. Tina has fused classical music with her love for metal to create her own unique sound and image. Her videos are intense and dramatic as are her life performances.

She has toured with Hans Zimmer, was a featured soloist on the Cirque De Soleil’s, Michael Jackson “The Immortal” tour, composed music for various TV and movie projects, has released ten albums of her own including her latest “Game On”, has released her own line of signature cellos, is very active on social media including her YouTube channel and has performed all over the world with a variety of famous musicians. Tina is an extremely busy artist and continues to explore her musical and visual expressions. In this episode, she discusses her career, being a female musician, her creative spark and offers advise to aspiring musicians


Tina was such a great interview. She is very detailed in her thoughts and her passion for music. Her insight and experience is something all musicians can get value out of.

  • Tina’s musical beginnings
  • Developing her own sound on acoustic and electric cello
  • Creating an image and a brand
  • Reacting to social media comments
  • The “Wonder Woman Theme” video
  • Hans Zimmer
  • Tina’s upcoming solo tour
  • Tina’s line of cellos, bows and strings
  • The necessity of social media
  • Being a woman in the industry
  • Staying focused with a major label
  • The “Game On” project
  • Rapid Fire
  • Favorite Video Game
  • Favorite Tech toy
  • Lindsey Stirling
  • Pizza!
  • Project Most Proud Of
  • Favorite Metal Band
  • Future
Bio - Bassist Rene Camacho - Part 1

Rene Camacho has performed around the world, in all genres of music and with many of the most influential artists in the music industry. He is a master bassist, composer, arranger and instructor. Rene is highly respected among the music community and has been featured on recordings of Al Jarraeu, Ry Cooder, Michael Buble, Raul Malo, Draco Rosa, Kevin Eubanks and is the music consultant for Disney’s “Elena of Avalor”. How many musicians do you know that can be influenced from Willie Colon, Cachao, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Venom, Miles Davis and Tejano music and fuse them into their own sound? Rene curates and teaches clinics and master classes for Bass as well as comprehensive studies of Latin Music with emphasis on Latin Rhythms from North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

  • The Start: “La Murga” – Willie Colon
  • Transitioning from trombone to bass
  • The importance of music history
  • The small town to big city mindset
  • Never stop learning and networking
  • The state of Jazz today
  • Meeting Cachao
  • Celia Cruz
  • The Metal experience
  • Thin Lizzy
  • Cliff Burton & Steve Harris
  • Tejano Music is dying
  • What’s up with today’s music?
  • Arranging for other artists
  • Musicians need to prepare and have the right attitude
  • Elena of Avalor
  • Rene’s bass style and technique
  • Draco Rosa
  • Respect your audience
  • Being a great bandleader (ie: Kevin Eubanks)
  • The Entourage (Who’s working for who??)
Bio - Bassist Rene Camacho - Part 2

Rene is an extremely busy bassist, arranger, composer and vocalist who has performed with some of the giants in the music industry. He is able to move from one musical genre to the next with ease and is highly respected among his musical peers. Based out of Los Angeles, he has traveled the world and has performed and recorded with Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Draco Rosa, WAR, Poncho Sanchez, Al Jarraeu, Rickie Lee Jones, Michael Buble, Mongorama, Kevin Eubanks, Carol Welsman, Juan Gabriel and countless others. Being a musician is not easy. You not only have to constantly improve your craft, you also have to deal with the business side of the industry. How you handle the touring mindset, the studio mindset and the financial mindset play a key role to your success.This is part two of our session with Rene. Get ready to learn a lot about music and what it takes to succeed.

  • Touring
  • Finding the right sub
  • Band Chemistry
  • Having the right mindset
  • Work visas for other countries
  • Money and paying the bills
  • Cuba, Rock In Rio and the Blue Note
  • Being in the studio
  • Be on time
  • Know your shit!
  • Read and listen
  • “What instruments do I take?”
  • Music and technology – Pros and Cons
  • Tour Support is non existent!
  • Streaming music
  • Willie Colon
  • Most Memorable concert attended
  • It’s A Family Affair (shedding in Ricardo’s room)
  • Phil Lynott or Steve Harris
  • Ron Carter or Dave Holland
  • Miles Davis and Carlos Santana
  • Tower of Power or Chicago
  • Future
  • Defining Rene’s sound
  • Someone You Should Listen To
  • Esperanza Spalding and Snarky Puppy
Bio - Musician / Producer Ron Blake

Ron Blake started playing trumpet at age nine. Since then he has performed with Big Band Voodoo Daddy, Green Day, his present gig with Poncho Sanchez and has recorded with Dr. Dre! Ron’s first solo album – “Assimilation” is rising up the Jazz charts. He records in his home studio for those artists who need horns for their projects. Hi Speed Horns makes it possible for independent producers and musicians to send their music files to Ron who will produce and record horns arrangements for their project. Ron does studio work on a variety of projects and works with a small group of students teaching them the right way to approach music.


You can tell Ron loves what he does. This session touches on music education, touring, setting up your home studio and his present project, the “Assimilation” album.

  • Starting off at Hamilton High School
  • Miles, Lee Morgan, Clifford Brown and Freddie Hubbard
  • Working with students and the parents reactions
  • Touring with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Green Day
  • How that lead to working with Poncho Sanchez
  • The nine year “Assimilation” project
  • When music changed – Napster
  • Advise for aspiring touring musicians
  • Hi Speed Horns
  • “Rapid Fire”
  • Favorite musical experience
  • Working with Dr. Dre
  • Admiring how Disclosure works
  • Advise for musicians who have a family
  • Future
  • Social Media is taking us over!
  • Ron’s home studio set up
Bio - Jocelyn Valencia 10.26.17

Jocelyn has such a great vision for her future. Jocelyn stays busy co-producing the annual Tucson Hip Hop Festival, her blogging platform, J-Recognize, her self care project, Bloom Freely and a variety of other projects.Now with Scorpio Season in full effect, expect Jocelyn to continue to build her empire with her passion and determination. JRECOGNIZE serves as a creative outlet to house Jocelyn’s inspirations and journey as an experience and content curator. Not only was it created as a space to express visions and ventures but, also, to inspire others and spread positivity. From showcasing other artists and entrepreneurs to collaborating with fellow creatives, “I’ll be documenting my life, the lives of others, and write informative posts for healthy self-development + dope insight.”

Stay patient with the present but be persistent with the future.” – Jocelyn Valencia

  • An Update On the Tucson Hip Hop Festival
  • The Re-branding of J-Recognize
  • Most Interesting Interview?
  • Most Surprising Interview?
  • Complex Con Festival
  • Scorpio Season
  • Step Into Your Power and Potential
  • Future Plans
  • Building the Tucson Hip Hop Festival
  • Self Care Workshops
  • Bloom Freely
  • Rapid Fire
  • The Power of Attraction
  • The Future of THHF
Bio - Musician / Composer Dalal Bruchmann

Composing With Colors

Dalal Bruchmann is a singer and composer who grew up in Austria in a musical family and moved to the United States at an early age. She loves classical music as well as pop music and has been successful performing both. She writes her music arrangements using different colors inspired from her love of art.  The title of her latest album,”The Quiet Heart” was taken from one of her favorite poems, “The Quiet Mind”

Dalal started playing piano and violin at age four, has done musical theater, performed gospel, pop and now classical music. Dalal has two hit pop releases, “Taste the Night”, which was her first hit song followed by “Superman”.


This was such an interesting and fun interview. We covered music, colors and somehow food! You will enjoy listening to Dalal as much as we did sitting down with her.

  • Growing up with music in Austria
  • Culture change moving to New York and Los Angeles
  • The “A-ha” moment
  • English and the other languages of music
  • “Taste The Night” – From ballad to EDM
  • “Superman”
  • The “Quiet Heart” story
  • How carbon monoxide poisoning influenced the project
  • Writing in “colors”
  • Possible tour?
  • Inspirations
  • Painters
  • Composers
  • Kate Bush
  • Pop influences
  • Rapid Fire
  • Who would you like to collaborate with?
  • Remixing “The Quiet Heart”
  • Your best performance?
  • Favorite video?
  • Who do you listen to when you relax? Hobbies?
  • Social Media
  • “Future”