August 4, 2017


It’s how we build relationships, make life changing decisions, set our goals and basically live our lives daily with the rest of the human race. We live in an Age of Distractions, but only if we let those distractions control our life. How to communicate and how you manage your time is essential to living the life you want. Today’s discussion covers that and so much more. What a pleasure it is to TALK, to COMMUNICATE, with Kelly Melsted.


August 4, 2017



Time Management

Social Media

Kelly Melsted

is a Certified Career and Communications Coach. She shows people how to confidently be unabashedly themselves, amidst a world hiding behind Digital smoke screens and small talk! The skills she teaches will help to engage clients, save relationships and build careers.

With pride, she can say that her clients describing their life changing results often credit her as being one of the biggest stands in their life,having “undying commitment” and being “One of the best choices” they’ve made.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your goals, confidently communicate and unabashedly show up as YOU, the let’s do this!

Episode Six - Kelly Melsted

by Kelly Melsted | Thanks For Sitting In

Kelly Melsted



We know that you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Real talk with a real person.

Communication. What a concept!


The Process

Does Self Doubt Really Matter

Commitment and Clarity

Time Management (see Kelly’s Download)

Audit Your Day

“You Deserve To Be Happy”

Distractions Kill Creativity

Having A Conversation

Build Your “Why”

Rapid Fire:

  • Confidence
  • Real
  • Future

Music and Motivation

“Someone You Should Listen To”

Beth Hart has a powerful voice, is a great songwriter who writes with passion, and gives killer live performances.

Catch her on tour!

You can purchase her albums on Amazon

“All of our fears are just like the weather. They’re going to change every day.”

“Whatever you resist, persist”Kelly-isms

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