September 16, 2017


We all face it at one time or another. Musicians and creatives especially deal with it on a consistent basis. Being aligned and confident are the keys to dealing with any form of negativity as you move forward with your music career.

Communications coach Jenn Kaye returns to our show and gives valuable insight into what steps to take to have a successful career and have fun doing it. This episode is one that all musicians need to listen to.


September 16, 2017





Jenn Kaye

returns for part one of a two part series and discusses how to deal with rejection at various points in your music career. How “Alignment” is so important to your success and well being and how evaluating your performances give you leverage within the industry.

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Episode Fiftenn-Dealing with Rejection featuring Jenn Kaye

by Jenn Kaye | Thanks For Sitting In


This episode is so important to all musicians no matter what phase of their career they are at. We really suggest you take notes and seriously think about what is discussed. Then take action and make your career in music that much more enjoyable.

(Note: Thanks to the landscape team at Jenn’s complex for the ambience during the first part of the interview…)

Clarity In Communication

Courage Requires Risk

Convince Yourself First (Defining Your Why)

Why Musicians and Creatives Are Better At Collaboration

Lessons In Being Rejected

Haters and Critics

Love and Fear

Alignment of Self, Expression and What Are You Willing To Risk

Creating Daily Rituals

Take Out The Trash

Those Outside the Inner Circle

Evaluating Your Performance

Music and Motivation

“Someone You Should Listen To Read”

We discuss “The Subtle Art…” on this podcast and we recommend it highly.

“Who’s Says You Can’t..” is also an incredible book that every creative should have in their library.

You can purchase these books on Amazon

If you are not also in the arena getting your ass kicked occasionally, I’m not interested in or open to your feedback.” – Brene Brown

You’ve got to be willing to sit inside the discomfort of your own mind and emotions and work thru that shit!”Jenn Kaye

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