Episode 45:

Fermata Media Group Founder

Ricardo Luis Cañez

Episode 45:

Fermata Media Group Founder

Ricardo Luis Canez

Episode 45: Ricardo Luis Cañez – Founder, Fermata Media Group

Ricardo is not only your host for ‘Thanks For Sitting In’, he is the Founder of our parent company, Fermata Media Group LLC. In this episode, Ricardo talks about his life purpose, his “Why”. What is the mission of Fermata, this podcast, and the various programs he has developed and facilitates?

Ricardo has been involved with music and entertainment his entire life. His mission is to bring his knowledge, experiences and passion for music and musicians and team up with experts in music, business, lifestyle, education to further the careers and lifestyles of visionary artists. To inspire the next generation of musicians. And to do it on their own terms. To really understand Ricardo’s journey, check out this page;

There are a variety of updates, program announcements and even job openings in this episode.

Next week we continue ‘regular programming’ with guest Melody Khair of Music.ILuv. Check it out on Tuesday, 02.12.19

Episode 45

by Ricardo Luis Cañez | With Your Host Ricardo

Time Line:

The State Of The Union

The Thanks For Sitting In Mission

The Why of Fermata Media Group

Women In Music

Leadership & Legacy Program

The LifeBlood Live Program

Social Media Updates

The Fermata Family

The Apprentice (s)

  • Apply at fermatamediagroup@gmail.com (video preferred)

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire:

Favorite Artist or band

Favorite New Artist

Memorable Music Experience

The 2019 Goal