Episode 46:

Melody Khair

Music ILuv

Episode 46:

Melody Khair

Music ILuv

Episode 46: Melody Khair & Music ILuv

Melody Khair is CEO of Music.iLuv and a technology leader in software, mobile, and software as a service (SaaS) for voice, video, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and cloud technology. Known for her passion for music, art, and inspiring future generations, she is dedicated to providing all children and their parents access to quality STEM and fine arts education through ground-breaking technology.

The seed for Music.iLuv grew out of Khair’s love of children and music. She believes that technology can make complex skills – like learning to play music – easier and more engaging for digital-age children. That is grounded in her conviction that every kid is talented and deserves a well-balanced education that includes music and art.

Melody’s conviction, along with her deep technology skills, led to the development of the Music.iLuv app. This revolutionary, new social platform allows future artists to create, practice, and perform songs in a collaborative and fun AR environment.


Episode 46

by Melody Khair -Music ILuv | With Your Host Ricardo

Time Line:

The inspiration for Music.ILuv

How does it work?

A new social media platform

Technology for the future of music creation

Everybody loves it!

So many options


Music therapy for everyone


Music ILuv brochure

Rapid Fire:


Melody’s favorite Artist

The next creative generation