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Episode 15:

Entertainment Attorney

Krystle Delgado

Episode 15:

Entertainment Attorney

Krystle Delgado

Episode 15: Entertainment Attorney Krystle Delgado

Five Business Tips For Musicians

With her firetruck red hair and outgoing personality, Ms. Delgado is no newbie to the entertainment scene. As an ex-Miss America contestant and performing musician as “Miss Krystle” for over 19 years, making the transition to representing musicians, artists, filmmakers, Grammy winners, labels, and a diversity of clientele in multiple states was a no-brainer.

Ms. Delgado also works directly with indie artists at various levels in their careers in order to help them efficiently progress, using innovative and effective new approaches to entertainment. At only 29 years old, Ms. Delgado has no problem negotiating high-stake deals, or confidently defending her clients in court. With the launch of her new firm, Ms. Delgado offers her knowledge and experience in business law, Copyright, Trademark, entity formation, contract review, and more.

At her competitive rates, Ms. Delgado is bringing quality business and entertainment legal services to Arizona and beyond. At Delgado Entertainment Law, Ms. Delgado strives to ensure that your rights have not been violated, and continue to be protected throughout the legal process. Every case is different and Ms. Delgado will investigate the details to provide our clients with the best representation possible.

Time Line:

0:00 Welcome to the Show!

3:15 Introducing Krystle Delgado

6:01 Tip #1: Take Yourself Seriously

7:33 Tip #2: Contracts

10:17 Tip #3: Indemnification

11:51 Tip #4: Do Your Research

13:11 Tip #5: Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

15:25 Bonus Tip: When Should I Hire An Attorney?

16:52 Krystle’s Contact Information