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Episode 17:

Singer / Songwriter

Katie Ferrara

Episode 17:


Katie Ferrara

Episode 17: Singer / Songwriter Katie Ferrara

Katie Ferrara is an indie-pop singer songwriter who began her career by singing as a “busker” on the street in Burbank, California. Her voice is charming yet sultry and has a vintage vibe to it. She has often been compared to artists such as Aimee Mann, Natalie Merchant and Norah Jones.

Katie’s musical talents were first recognized in the 2015 “Feeling the Street” competition. The online show (sponsored by Toyota) sent Katie and 5 other street performers to New Zealand to perform at the annual Queenstown winter Festival for almost 10,000 attendees. Since then, Katie has traveled to several different countries to play at international street festivals including Scotland, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

She has even published a book about her experiences as a street musician called “Stories from the Street”. Katie is currently recording her first full-length album which will be released in the spring of 2019.

Katie’s upcoming release is “Weightless”. Watch the video here

Time Line:

Living In London

Busking In L.A.

“I’m A Musician”

What Do You Play?

Who’s Your Audience

‘Feeling the Street’ Competition

Playing Festivals With the Busking Community

Katie Wrote A Book (Stories From The Street)

Being A Woman In Music

Katie’s Influences

The ‘Dreamcatcher’ Project

Whole Foods and Shopping Carts

The ‘ Break Free’ Project and ‘Weightless’

Songwriting Process

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire:

A Song You Wish You’d Written

Weirdest Live Experience

Who Would You Like To Collaborate With

Social Media