September 28, 2017


Has performed on some of the biggest stages and recorded some of the most recognizable music in recent years. Tina has worked with Hans Zimmer and a variety of other well known musicians. Her videos are intense and dramatic as are her life performances.

Tina has fused classical music with her love for metal to create her own unique sound and image.


September 28, 2017

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Tina Guo

is a name you may not instantly recognize, but you certainly have heard her music. She is a virtuoso acoustic / electric cellist who has been featured in a multitude of soundtracks like Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Inception, Pirates Of The Carribean 5, Kung Fu Panda 3, Superman Vs. Batman and many more.

She has toured with Hans Zimmer, was a featured soloist on the Cirque De Soleil’s, Michael Jackson “The Immortal” tour, composed music for various TV and movie projects, has released ten albums of her own including her latest “Game On”, has released her own line of signature cellos, is very active on social media including her YouTube channel and has performed all over the world with a variety of famous musicians.

Tina is an extremely busy artist and continues to explore her musical and visual expressions. In this episode, she discusses her career, being a female musician, her creative spark and offers advise to aspiring musicians

Episode Seventeen - Vituroso Cellist Tina Guo

by Tina Guo | Thanks For Sitting In

Tina Guo with Ricardo in Sherman Oaks California

Photo by Ricardo’s IPhone 7Plus


Tina was such a great interview. She is very detailed in her thoughts and her passion for music. Her insight and experience is something all musicians can get value out of.

Tina’s musical beginnings

Developing her own sound on acoustic and electric cello

Creating an image and a brand

Reacting to social media comments

The “Wonder Woman Theme” video

Hans Zimmer

Tina’s upcoming solo tour

Tina’s line of cellos, bows and strings

The necessity of social media

Being a woman in the industry

Staying focused with a major label

The “Game On” project

Rapid Fire

  • Favorite Video Game
  • Favorite Tech toy
  • Lindsey Stirling
  • Pizza!
  • Project Most Proud Of
  • Favorite Metal Band
  • Future

Epic Music

Music and Motivation

“Someone You Should Listen To”

Tina has released ten albums. Her latest is “Game On’. A collection of video game themes.

“Cello Metal” sees Tina combine her love for metal and classical music flawlessly.

You can purchase her albums on Amazon

No one is going to care more about you than yourself.” – Tina Guo

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