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Episode 16:

Marisa Ronstadt

Episode 16:

Marisa Ronstadt

Episode 16: Marisa Ronstadt

Marisa started her career at a young age in Phoenix , Arizona performing with “Los Amigos’, a group of singers and performers led by local educator Bob Diaz. She was able to tour the world with Los Amigos as well as learn abut the music business from her father, local radio and television personality Jose Ronstadt. And yes, her family and Linda are related.

From there, Marisa continued her studies at ASU and South Mountain College before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her music career. Marisa collaborated with Quetzal and also started her own group, the “Know It Alls’. Their albumĀ  “Blueberry Moon” was released in 2014. Marisa has performed with Mariachi Cobre and has performed and taught at Mariachi Conventions in Arizona.

She is also supportive of social causes and considers herself an ‘Artivist’. An artist and activist. Marisa has an E.P. in the works and hopes to record a full Mariachi album and support it with a tour.

We recorded this episode at Intelligentsia Coffee in Pasadena. There is noise from the customers, but the conversation is rich with insight and inspiration from a great artist. We hope you enjoy it and follow Marisa’s career.

Time Line:

0:55 Marisa’s start in Phoenix

3:05 Marisa’s Family

4:05 “Los Amigos” – Lessons, Touring the World to finding her voice

6:19 Training her vocal muscles

7:55 The ‘Ronstadt’ name and Linda’s legacy

10;28 The Phoenix to Los Angeles transition

12:57 The songwriting process

15:20 Being a mom and a musician

19:48 “The Know -It – Alls”

22:50 Crowdfunding and Streaming

27:04 The Mariachi culture

31:13 Rapid Fire

36:18 Activism, Being an ‘Artivist’ and the #MeToo movement

Rapid Fire:

Lucha Villa


Influences – Personally & Professionally

What song would you like to perform

Who would you like to collaborate with

Money Or Legacy

Social Media