Episode Thirty Five - Ernesto Neto Portillo

by Neto Portillo | With Your Host - Ricardo

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July 3, 2018

Episode 35 – Ernesto ‘Neto’ Portillo

Ernesto ‘Neto’ Portillo Jr. is a proud Tucsonian who prides himself as ‘An advocate for the unheard voices’. He is a respected journalist and columnist for the Arizona Daily Star and the editor of the Spanish language version of the paper, ‘La Estrella de Tucson.’

Neto has written extensively on the culture and music of the Chicano culture in Tucson as well as stories that no one else would cover. He has his opinions on a variety of topics and not afraid to share them. His storytelling technique is heartfelt.

His love for music started with his father’s influence thru his work on radio. Neto continues the tradition by programming a Bi-Lingual radio program on KXCI-FM in Tucson.

Neto loves to work for the Daily Star and La Estrella. He enjoys showing the culture in Tucson because he believes the culture is vital in today’s society.

In addition to being a columnist, he loves his chickens and turtles. Neto also enjoys doing CrossFit with his wife. He hopes to inspire people and give them ganas or “moxy” when they read his columns. ​

Time Line:

Neto’s start in journalism and education

Chicano Cultural Cocoon to a diverse community

Neto’s fathers influence as a ‘locutor’

Programming Bi-Lingual local radio (KXCI)

Tucson’s different cultural diversity

The writing / storytelling process

Advice to aspiring journalists

Tejano Music / New York Salsa Music

Rapid Fire


Ernesto ‘Neto’ Portillo Jr is a respected journalist and columnist. An advocate for the unheard voices. He also has a love for the diverse music and cultural scene in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Unafraid to share his opinions on any subject makes this episode one that you’ll enjoy from start to finish.


Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite Music Genre

Definition of the word ‘Spanglish’

  • Lalo Guerrero

Favorite Column He’s written

  • The Habitat For Humanity Story
  • The ‘La Frontera’ Story

Money or Legacy

Chicano, Hispanic or Latino