Episode Thirty - Insurance and Music with Kimi Donahue

by Kimi Donahue | With Your Host - Ricardo

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March 27, 2018

Episode Thirty – Insurance and Music with Kimi Donahue

Kimi Donahue is a dedicated and respected insurance agent and recruiter who also loves music, especially metal, is a competitive shooter, a great mom and into fitness and nutrition. She also shreds on guitar!

Kimi does everything at full throttle and still finds time to relax and recharge. In this session we discuss not only insurance, but the dedication it takes to be your best. Something all musicians and creatives can learn from.

Kimi’s Daily Positive Affirmation: “I’m the best at many things.” As a musician and creative, you should consider this as your daily motivation to get things done and live life to the fullest.

When you’re shopping for insurance for your personal or business needs, be sure the agent and agency you choose is one you connect with and trust. Sort of like you, your fans and your music….

Time Line:

Which insurance for musicians to choose? Personal or business?

Planning for your future

Guitarist Kimi!

Let’s talk Metal!

A workout playlist

How does Kimi relax?

Competitive shooting

Fitness, Nutrition and mindset

Choosing an agent or agency

Rapid Fire

Advise for musicians and creatives: “Be You!”


Kimi Donahue makes talking about insurance painless and interesting. She also loves to talk about music, her love for metal bands (Metallica, Pantera, Moterhead, etc.) and is competitive in all aspects of her life.

We spent just a few minutes talking about insurance and then rolled into music and lifestyle. It was a conversation that all musicians and creatives could learn from. Dedication and commitment.

And by the way, Kimi is looking for a monster truck endorsement deal. And cinnamon rolls….mmmm.


Contact – American Income Life: 520.256.3632




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Rapid Fire Questions


Who would she like to play with?

Favorite firearm

Her other favorite competitive sports

Kimi’s walk up theme song