Episode Thirty One - Anita 'Sarge' Kellman

by Anita 'Sarge' Kellman | With Your Host - Ricardo

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March 29, 2018

Episode 31 – Anita ‘Sarge’ Kellman


In 2001, Anita attended a Navy Seal exercise class and in 2004 she adapted these techniques to start an intensive support group built around physical fitness, instead of “woe is me”, where she shares her knowledge, experience and infectious enthusiasm. Anita created KBCBC to empower cancer survivors and patients to be able to take charge of their lives while teaching them to condition their bodies and minds for the fight of their lives.

Now with thousands of Troop members throughout the United States involved and reporting improved quality of life, her mission is expanding this powerful program throughout the country to help cancer patients and survivors conquer their fears and take charge of their health.

Time Line:

The inspiration behind Beat Cancer Boot Camp

The importance of exercising outdoors

Community Support

Appearing on “The Biggest Loser”

Best success story

Exercise advice for musicians:

  • Exercise anywhere

Some nutrition tips


A giveaway!! (Free DVD and wellness journal)


“It takes strength, courage and confidence to look fear in the face and do the things you think you can’t do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt



In our interview recorded last October, Anita talks about the inspiration for Beat Cancer Boot Camp, how her program help not only cancer survivors, but their families as well. Sarge also has advice for musicians who are on tour. Simply, there’s no excuse for not getting in some exercise. You don’t need a fancy gym. Just some simple routines that anyone can do.

Anita is always available to inspire and motivate an audience as a speaker, getting the crowd fired up with some jumping jacks and supporting causes like cancer research. The importance of community and family support is key to giving cancer survivors the confidence and strength they need to continue in life.

Note; The events she talks about in the interview have passed. But you can see her commitment to the events she discusses and other programs that seek her out.


Rapid Fire Questions


Push Ups

The common bond of those in Bootcamp

Define ‘hope’