Episode Thirty Six - Marisa Acosta

by Marisa Acosta | With Your Host - Ricardo

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July 6, 2018

Episode 36 – Marisa Acosta

Marisa grew up in Sahuarita, Arizona. She performed in over twenty one plays, four television shows and a commercials before she graduated high school! In college she continued to pursue acting at Pima Community College and with Borderland Theater Company.

She transferred to California State University, Fullerton to finish her Bachelors in acting, however the program would force her to stay in school for an extra four years. Looking for the easy way out, she changed her major to Playwriting.

Prior to graduating in 2015 her first play “ A mother’s love” was published. She moved back to Tucson to be close to family and was hired by Borderlands again to write plays for the Arizona Community Food Bank. She has also written another play, “La Mesera” and will perform in a new Borderlands play, “Sanctuary”.

Marisa also co-hosts a ‘foodie’ channel on YouTube, Sabor Con Amor with her boyfriend, Daniel.

Time Line:

The Imagination of an only child

Marisa – The college years

From acting to writing

The New York Theatre Insentive

Writing about life

Growing up Latina

Borderlands Theater Company

The culture change in Tucson

Rapid Fire

Advice for a young Latina performer



We continue this months showcase of music and culture in Tucson and Southern Arizona with our interview with Marisa Acosta.

This episode was recorded on the patio in front of a Baskin Robins in Sahuarita, Arizona! There is some background noise that we apologize for. However the message and the inspiration that Marisa gives throughout the session is important so we hope you won’t mind the noise.

This interview goes from one subject to another to another like a roller coaster. From talking about life in the theater, to growing up Latina to sushi, you never know what’s coming next! It’s fun, informative and thought provoking all at once. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Rapid Fire Questions

“Hamilton” & Lin – Manuel Miranda

Tennessee Williams

  • Converting a play from a Latina perspective

Antonio Banderas

Favorite Novela

Money or Legacy


Outside the Baskin Robins, Sahuarita, AZ