Episode Twenty Eight - Tito Puente Jr.

by Tito Puente Jr. | With Your Host - Ricardo

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March 6, 2018

Episode 28 – Tito Puente Jr.

You can’t discuss Latin music or music in general without mentioning the great Tito Puente. After his passing, his son Tito Jr. decided to keep his fathers legacy of incredible music alive by forming his own orchestra and exposing his fathers music to a new generation. His remix of ‘”Oye Como Va” shot up the charts and won a Latin Grammy award.

Tito Jr. has toured the world in front of sell out crowds as he continues to inspire and share his fathers music. Tito Jr. is working on a new album and his latest release “Mi Socio” became an instant hit. If you want to hear timeless music and dance a little, or a lot, go see Tito Puente Jr. when he comes to your town.

We recorded this episode as Tito Jr. relaxed at his South Florida home.

Time Line:

Growing up with dad

Playing drums and listening to death metal

Latin drummers are Familia

Ricardo meeting Tito in concert

Being a bandleader

The Puente Sound

Advice for students and young musicians

You Gotta Learn to Read!!

Network with other musicians and you’ll always work

Latin Music today

Working with A.B. Quintanella

Re-recording “Oye Como Va”

The void Tito left and carrying on the legacy

Mexican Artists & Female Artists

Tito touring the world

The Power of Music: Jenn Kaye

Parkland Florida School Shooting

Rapid Fire


In Spanish, “puente” means bridge. Tito Jr, the son of the great Tito Puente has managed to “bridge” his fathers legacy of incredible music to a new generation of fans and musicians. From growing up playing drums in death metal bands to leading his own orchestra, Tito Jr. has traveled the world sharing the music and style of his father.

This session was insightful, at times serious, at times hilarious. We think you’ll enjoy this episode and learn more about Latin music and the legacy of Tito, Tito Jr and their music,.


Rapid Fire Questions

Willie Colon

Carlos Enriquez (one of many…)

Victor Manuelle

Celia Cruz

Santos Colon

Charlie & Eddie Palmieri


Dizzy Gillespie

Future (one of the best answers of any episode)

Selected Discography

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