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Episode 25:

Tony & Brittany Ingram

Authors: “Equally Yoked”

Episode 25:

Tony & Brittany Ingram

Episode 25: Tony & Brittany Ingram – “Equally Yoked”

We met Tony Ingram at the Powerful U conference a couple months ago. In just a five minute conversation about himself, his wife Brittany and their book, “Equally Yoked”, we knew their message needed to be heard. Tony is an active duty officer with the United States Navy. He is also the founder and visionary of Champion Lifestyle: To Breed, Be and Become A Champion. Brittany is a professional celebrity make up artist. She is also the founder & CEO of Brittany Ingram Beauty & SMART MUA.

Tony and Brittany, as seen on OWN’s “Black Love” Season 2, are passionate about having a healthy balanced life through faith, exercise, communication, love, positivity, and an abundant mindset.

Together they’ve written “Equally Yoked – How to utilize health & fitness to enrich our marriage”. They have both competed in bodybuilding competitions, work as a team to accomplish their goals and are passionate about empowering others to reach their goals. Through communication, determination and mindset, you can accomplish anything. Especially as a couple.

They have been married for six years and currently reside in Southern California, where they are raising a beautiful daughter, Harleigh Ingram

Episode 25

by Tony & Brittany Ingram - "Equally Yoked" | With Your Host Ricardo

Time Line:

  • How they met
  • Tony’s Navy career & Brittany’s make up career
  • What was the motivation for ‘Equally Yoked”
  • Brittany’s health issues after giving birth
  • Body Building fitness lifetstyle
  • Their body building competitions & lessons learned
  • What does “Equally Yoked” teach us?
  • Teamwork
  • What do they hope to accomplish with the book?
  • Champion
  • Dedication
  • Mindset
  • Leadership
  • Faith