September 19, 2017


Sort of. Not really. Maybe….

As you progress further in your music career, how will you handle your success internally and externally?

Jenn Kaye breaks it all down in this essential episode. Part one of dealing with rejection as you start your career call be found here


September 19, 2017





Jenn Kaye

is a lover of language. Utilizing the right words can help you communicate your message with clarity and impact. Jenn coaches corporations, entrepreneurs and creatives to be their best.

This conversation is the second part of the two part series exploring dealing with rejection and acceptance as a musician or artist. We feel this is the most important episodes we’ve released so far.

Many musicians may not consider the impact rejection has on you physically and emotionally. How it affects everything you do creatively and in your lifestyle. Even as you continue with your musical journey, you’ll still encounter rejection. How to deal with it is what we discuss in Part One.

Now that you’ve achieved a level of success, how will you handle the acceptance and publicity that comes with it? Will you handle it with graciousness? Will you have the right publicists around you to handle the negativity and possible rejection that may continue throughout your career?

This and more in this important podcast episode.


The Rising Stars Youth Steel Orchestra of St. Croix

Rising Stars Spotlight Article

Episode Sixteen-Handling Acceptance featuring Jenn Kaye

by Jenn Kaye | Thanks For Sitting In

Jenn Kaye

Jenn’s Website


In Part Two of our Rejection / Acceptance series, Jenn Kaye and Ricardo discuss how to handle success gracefully. Jenn also continues to correct Ricardo for using “but” instead of “and”…

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Putting The Puzzle Together

The “Shinny Object”

Be Real Or Let Yourself Down (Be In Alignment)

“We Are All Creators”

A New Level of Experience

Align with The Audience

Christina Aguilera Takes the Risk and Gets Dirrty!

The Age of Disruption

  • Creatives and Entrepreneurs Have An Edge
  • Your True North, Alignment Of Self

Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Beyonce & Oprah Handle Success Graciously

Find The Right Publicist Who Has Your Back

Want To Be Powerful? Pay It Forward and Support Young Musicians!

Walt Disney Lacked Imagination? Wait! What??

Create A Community Of Riff Raff

Music and Motivation

“Someone You Should Listen To”

Known more as a blues/rock guitarist and vocalist, Samantha Fish latest, “Chills and Fever” has a more R&B feel to it with the addition of a horn section.

“Wild Heart” is Samantha’s previous album and has the blues style she is known for. She is an excellent guitarist and vocalist.

You can purchase her albums on Amazon

Your language reflects your true intentions.” – Jenn Kaye

Let’s create a community of Riff Raff!” – Ricardo & Jenn

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