August 1, 2017

The Tucson Hip Hop Festival

Although Tucson Arizona doesn’t come to mind when you think Hip Hop, it does have a thriving Hip Hop community. Pike & Jocelyn have joined to create a festival and we discuss it’s future, the local culture and the artists community.



August 1, 2017

Hip Hop





Pike Romero and Jocelyn Valencia

are two very busy creative entrepreneurs who care deeply about their community and the artists in it. The music scene in Tucson is diverse and Hip Hop continues to grow as the community of artists develop and perfect their craft. The Tucson Hip Hop Festival, now in it’s second year, showcases the culture and the talent locally and regionally.

Pike also manages, promotes artists and produces events, while Jocelyn is active throughout the creative community with seminars, poetry and blogging meet ups and much more.


Tucson Hip Hop Festival

Jocelyn’s Blog: JRecognize

Jocelyn’s Instagram

Pike’s Blog: We Are Buggin’ Out

Pike’s Instagram

Episode Five - Pike Romero & Jocelyn Valencia

by Pike Romero & Jocelyn Valencia | Thanks For Sitting In

PikeĀ  and Jocelyn in the studio

Photo by Ricardo’s IPhone 7Plus


Staying busy in the community

Artists Pike likes

The Hip Hop program at University of Arizona

History of The The Tucson Hip Hop Festival

Headliner- MURS

How Hip Hop artists are the ultimate Entreprenuers

The Next Big Thing

Pushing Buttons

“Rapid Fire”

Discussion of all their other projects



Music and Motivation

“Someone You Should Listen To”

MURS and Kodak Black are two of the artists that Pike talked about in this podcast.

These are two of their latest releases.

Purchase their music on Amazon

Think Big, Get Big.” – Jocelyn Valencia

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