AUGUST 24, 2017


To communicate. To create a language of your own. Jenn Kaye is a word geek, cultural anthropologist, ego-wrangler, benevolent challenger and never-ending seeker of what moves people to action.

Words have meaning, a frequency and elicit emotion. This conversation was joyful and entertaining. We discuss how music and dance are languages all of their own and how the interpretation of those languages elicits different responses.

You’re going to enjoy this conversation.


AUGUST 24, 2017




Music Therapy


Jenn Kaye

is a transformational thought leader specializing in strategic communication and a never-ending seeker of what moves people to action. She is a Master Communicator, Language Expert, Executive Life Coach and Professional Speaker whose ability to identify, analyze and convey what is essential helps leaders and teams get better results – from sales to service and engagement to influence.

Her systemized approach to solving the Rubik’s cube that is human communication has evolved over her 20 years of experience and is fused intentionally into every workshop and program, starting from the inside-out. Recognizing that puzzle pieces are synergistic yet independent, she helps her clients identify their authentic voice and customize their message so that they use the right language, to say what they really mean to the right people for optimum impact.

She holds a degree in languages from the University of Arizona, is a certified facilitator for The Marcus Buckingham Company in strengths-based leadership, and a certified coach in Conversational Intelligence.

Jenn’s corporate clients include Fortune 500 organizations such as Anadarko, Capital One, Honeywell and Kaiser Permanente, while her coaching clients range from executives to engineers to entrepreneurs.


We covered quite a bit, including a cameo appearance from one of Jenn’s cats (around the 3:40 mark). This was a lively and entertaining conversation that we both didn’t want to end. But, errrrrr, AND, Jenn will be back soon.

The Language of Music

Vicious Cat Attack!!!

Therapy thru Music

Communicating thru Dance


Exposure – Publicity – Sharing

How to Leverage “Exposure”

Rapid Fire

  • Jenn’s favorite word(s) – Love. And.
  • Jenn’s least favorite words – But. However

The “Ran Kan Kan” Story. A story of determination


Musicians mentioned during this conversation:

Phoenix Musician Kyle Phelan

St. Croix Musician Kurt Schindler

Music and Motivation

“Someone You Should Listen To”

Jenn has a musical malady called RSASD.

She explains how she got it, it’s symptoms and how you probably have it too!

Our external language always reflects our internal dialogue..” – Jenn Kaye

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