August 31, 2017


Career and Business Coach Kelly Melsted returns from her eclipse experience to discuss once in a lifetime opportunities and why you have to put both feet in the water to inspire yourself and those around you.

The conversation also turned to forming a Board of Directors for your life, the measure of success and why journals are a great thing. Always a great time sitting down with Kelly.


August 31, 2017






Kelly Melsted

shows people how to be confident & unabashedly themselves.
People come to Kelly when they are feeling stuck and craving more fulfillment. Their unbalanced work life is sucking the joy out of them. They’re craving to communicate with more confidence and ease. And, they really just want to say what they really want to say.

She helps them get exactly what they want, which is to find clarity and confidence to be themselves, amidst a world hiding behind digital smoke screens & small talk.  The skills Kelly teaches help to engage clients, save relationships, and build careers. It’s all about being brave and getting real.

With pride she can say that clients describing their life changing results often credit Kelly as being one of the biggest stands in their life, having “undying commitment”, and being “one of the best choices” they’ve made!

Kelly Melsted, Career and Business Coach, is certified through the Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training and Leadership Program. This is the nation’s most rigorous and extensive professional coaching program and is accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Kelly completed her studies and received her certification in Washington D.C.”

Every artist and business person needs a coach. Consult with Kelly thru her website: http://www.kellymelsted.com/

Kelly’s previous episode: https://thanksforsittingin.com/communication-and-passion-with-kelly-melsted/

Episode Thirteen - Opportunities with Kelly Melsted

by Kelly Melsted | Thanks For Sitting In

Kelly Melsted with Ricardo in the studio

Photo by Ricardo’s IPhone 7Plus


How do you recognize an amazing opportunity and what will it take for you to take advantage of it? What will the experience be like for you and those around you. Let’s find out on this episode.

The Eclipse and The Live Experience

Once In A Lifetime Opportunities

The Audience Experience

Put Both Feet In The Water

A Board of Directors For Your Life


Your Measure of Success

Rapid Fire – “Present”

Let’s Talk Politics!



Music and Motivation

“Someone You Should NOT Listen To”

Get mad if you want to, but there really is no need in the entire universe for this.

Just my opinion.

Your mileage may vary…

“Wild Thoughts”

DJ Khaled & Rihanna

Bro-Country at it’s worst. And that’s saying something!

Florida Georgia Line

Everything on this planet has something to do with music. Music functions in the realm of sculptured air.” – Frank Zappa

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