October 10, 2017


Being a musician is not easy. You not only have to constantly improve your craft, you also have to deal with the business side of the industry. How you handle the touring mindset, the studio mindset and the financial mindset play a key role to your success.

This is part two of our session with Rene Camacho. A bassist who has toured and recorded with some of the biggest names in music. Get ready to learn a lot about music and what it takes to succeed.


October 10, 2017


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Music Technology

Bass Guitar

Rene Camacho

is an extremely busy bassist, arranger, composer and vocalist who has performed with some of the giants in the music industry. He is able to move from one musical genre to the next with ease and is highly respected among his musical peers. Based out of Los Angeles, he has traveled the world and has performed and recorded with Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Draco Rosa, WAR, Poncho Sanchez, Al Jarraeu, Rickie Lee Jones, Michael Buble, Mongorama, Kevin Eubanks, Carol Welsman, Juan Gabriel and countless others.

In this second part of our interview, (Part One is here), Rene discusses the business side of being a musician and what it takes to stay working in a crazy industry!

Rene’s website

Trickfish Amplification and Rene’s Bio

ESP Basses & Guitars

Episode Twenty - Rene Camacho (Part Two)

by Rene Camacho | Thanks For Sitting In

Rene Camacho


In Part Two of our exclusive interview with Rene, we discuss touring, studio work, endorsement deals, music and technology and a lively “Rapid Fire” Segment


  • Finding the right sub
  • Band Chemistry
  • Having the right mindset
  • Work visas for other countries
  • Money and paying the bills

Cuba, Rock In Rio and the Blue Note

Being in the studio

  • Be on time
  • Know your shit!
  • Read and listen
  • “What instruments do I take?”

Music and technology – Pros and Cons

Tour Support is non existent!

Streaming music

Rapid Fire

  • Willie Colon
  • Most Memorable concert attended
  • It’s A Family Affair (shedding in Ricardo’s room)
  • Phil Lynott or Steve Harris
  • Ron Carter or Dave Holland
  • Miles Davis and Carlos Santana
  • Tower of Power or Chicago
  • Future

Defining Rene’s sound

Someone You Should Listen To

Esperanza Spalding and Snarky Puppy



Music and Motivation

“Someone You Should Listen To”

Esperanza Spalding and Snarly puppy are two artists that Rene thinks deserve more visibility.

Here are the two latest releases from these artists.

You can purchase their albums on Amazon

Know your shit!” – Rene Camacho

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