October 5, 2017


Has performed around the world, in all genres of music and with many of the most influential artists in the music industry. He is a master bassist, composer, arranger and instructor. Rene is highly respected among the music community and has been featured on recordings of Al Jarraeu, Ry Cooder, Michael Buble, Raul Malo, Draco Rosa, Kevin Eubanks and is the music consultant for Disney’s “Elena of Avalor”.

How many musicians do you know that can be influenced from Willie Colon, Cachao, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Venom, Miles Davis and Tejano music and fuse them into their own sound?


October 5, 2017



Heavy Metal

Tejano Music

Rene Camacho

Rene Camacho is an Acoustic, Electric Bassist and Vocalist originally from Tucson, Arizona, now living in Los Angeles. While Trombone was his first instrument he always had an affinity for the Bass and in his college years the switch was made. Rene received a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Studies and Composition from The University of Arizona.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 1996, Rene has had the opportunity to explore many musical ventures, both in live performances and sound recordings. Rene began working with many Latin artists, shortly after moving to Los Angeles most notably, a five year stint with Celia Cruz and a brief time with Tito Puente.

After these successful endeavors, Rene began branching out to different genres such as Jazz, Soul, R&B, Country, as well as Rock. These career enhancing experiences enabled Rene to record and tour with a wide variety of artists from different musical backgrounds. Artists that he has worked with include: Sergio Mendes, Ry Cooder, Michael Bublé, Oscar Castro Neves, Michael McDonald, Poncho Sanchez, Tipica ’73, Robben Ford, Angelique Kidjo, Linda Ronstadt, Draco Rosa, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Raul Malo (The Mavericks), Rickie Lee Jones, Juan Gabriel, The Fifth Dimension, The Pointer Sisters, Canadian Pianist Carol Welsman, Arnold McCuller, and Guitarist Dean Brown.

Rene curates and teaches clinics and master classes for Bass as well as comprehensive studies of Latin Music with emphasis on Latin Rhythms from North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.


Rene’s Website

Episode Eighteen - Rene Camacho (Part One)

by Rene Camacho | Thanks For Sitting In


We covered everything from Cachao to Celtic Frost. From education to challenging yourself musically. Rene has a wealth of knowledge and is an incredible talent.

The Start: “La Murga” – Willie Colon

Transitioning from trombone to bass

The importance of music history

The small town to big city mindset

Never stop learning and networking

The state of Jazz today

Meeting Cachao

Celia Cruz

The Metal experience

Thin Lizzy

Cliff Burton & Steve Harris

Tejano Music is dying

What’s up with today’s music?

Arranging for other artists

Musicians need to prepare and have the right attitude

Elena of Avalor

Rene’s bass style and technique

Draco Rosa

Respect your audience

Being a great bandleader (ie: Kevin Eubanks)

The Entourage (Who’s working for who??)

Music and Motivation

“Someone You Should Listen To”

Rene has a long and impressive discography. Here are a few examples of his work with a wide variety of artists.

You can purchase these albums on Amazon

If you stop learning, you stop creating. If you stop listening, you stop living. Don’t stop. And don’t ever stop growing.” – Unknown

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